Monday, February 25, 2008

Vantage Point Movie Review

This was a really great movie. It is too bad it was constantly interupted by a bunch of thugs. Why can't people just keep their mouths shut during a movie. I am consistently amazed with how ignorant people can become. Please don't point out my flaws in spelling.

There were a few thing that did upset me about this movie. It showed the same scenes several time. It was short. The movie being short coupled with repetitive scenes made me feel kind of ripped off. The movie also leaves a lot of question unanswered. They could have definitely answered the questions that any level headed viewer would ask, but for some reason this normally intolerable fault can be overlooked. Other than that great story with great action. It still isn't as good as Rambo, but it comes close. What I thought was great was the absolutely human element of some of the characters.

This movie is definitely fast paced and will leave you desiring more. I did find some flaws with some of the logic but overall you don't really need to think with this one. The plot is intelligent but not thought provoking and I found that combination very nice. It allows you to relax without feeling like a vegetable. I would definitely make it to this movie if I were you. If you were me you would have already been to this movie.

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