Sunday, February 24, 2008

Be Kind Rewind Movie Review

This movie was actually a suprise. It was completely a comedy and the characters were not potrayed the way I expected. Now does that make for a good or a bad suprise? A good suprise, and I wasn't the only one that though so. I over heard a couple walking out discussing how much better it was than they would have thought.

The movie is about a video clerk and his buddy. The clerk works in a store that still rents out VHS tapes and it is struggling. The owner leaves the store in the hands of his young apprentice and the adventure ensues.

This movie is funny but it still tells a story. Every scene of the movie is somewhat awkard but that is what makes it good. It has a similar feel to Napolean Dynamite only a bit more commercialized. Jack Black is on of the lead characters, what do you expect? Go check this movie out it is worth the price of admission for sure. "Be Kind Rewind" what a forgotten phrase, boy do times change quickly.

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