Monday, February 25, 2008

Witless Protection Movie Review

Larry the Cable Guy is actually funny in a movie for a change. This movie is a lot of one liner southern expressions that Larry finds funny. That is pretty much the whole movie. There are two hot actresses and I would consider them both cougars but other than that I can end this post.

Unfortunately I feel obligated to write more. This movie is for those of you who just want to vege out and have a few good laughs. For me the best part about going to this movie is that my party was the only group in the theatre. This is definitely a movie you want to hit during prime time. I think this movie would be more enjoyable for most people if they see it with a large crowd. More people just make it easier to laugh.

My overall recommendation is to wait until this comes out on DVD. If you want a few hard laughs see it with a bunch of people. I think this movie has the potential to be very dull. Larry's movies typically are.

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