Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Siege Movie Review

The Siege is a great movie. It is a movie prior to 9.11 about terrorism. It is truly one of the better movies I've seen, and guess what we didn't freak out. Part of what makes this good is it has both Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. It is kind of strange that terrorist had more insight than Hollywood, ad it is also kind of weird that the Twin Towers are still portrayed behind both Bruce Willis and Annette Bening on the cover.

The plot cover everything from terrorist cells to local response and the CIA. Well I would check this movie out, even though it is a blast from 1998. There really isn't a reason not to see this movie. It takes place in New York and there is action around every corner. It isn't senseless either, I think the average chick flick viewer would even get into this one.

Combine this with movie like Kite Runner and we really can start to get the picture and get a grasp of who is dangerous. The problem is that there probably are a few wing nuts in this country and I am sure you can't pick them out by profiling. As a matter of fact who was that Al Qaeda Supporter they just let out oh yeah Adam Gadahn.

Pushing the envelope.

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