Sunday, November 11, 2007

Donkeys for Elephants

I am not going to knock Lions for Lambs to much. It was obviously slanted toward a liberal view than most movies. It played on an interconnected set of scenarios and was really about the democratic process. The motive of the movie was not entertainment but to get a message across. I will not say too much about this message in case you want to see the movie in this paragraph of the post. This movie was made to provoke thought so if you are looking for an action flick go see Saw IV. If you don't want to spoil the movie or have already seen it read on.

The character with which I had the biggest problem was the journalist. I don't know why there is such a misconception on journalism but even HOLLYWOOD seems to have made the mistake. Journalism is not about giving opinions and changing the world through thoughtful writing. Journalism is about changing the world by giving others unbiased information so that they can make a decision and take action. The goal of journalists seems to be to catch politicians, particularly republicans, in the act. They don't seem to want to report on worthy news needed to motivate people. Now journalist report in a way to receive attention, and these topics tend to demotivate people.

This paragraph will really spoil the movie please stop reading if you plan to see the movie. The movie does convey a terrible message. The story of two bright young men who decide to fight for their country and ultimately end up dying. It is no doubt the producer wants to convey this sacrifice was not worth the loss. To me this portion of the plot directly relates to the idea of dying for ones country.

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