Sunday, November 11, 2007


I went to a monster truck ralley last night. It was really cool. I though the highlight was the guys jumping bikes. They did some really neat tricks. I really can't beleive they would be so dangerous. There wasn't a lot of room and they were almost bashing into the scoreboard. As soon as they landed the jump they had to hit the breaks to avoid crashing into the wall. They even hit it a few times and tore up the bleachers.

The trucks were of course loud and put out the exhaust. It would have been fun to tie some enviromentalist down to the seats and force them to watch the show. GREENHOUSE EFFECT, GREENHOUSE EFFECT!!!! THE PAIN, THE AGONY!!!. It would have been even better if they ran over a few trees. I do like the environment, I'd just sacrifice a little of it to torture the green party. JUST KIDDING. I would like you to notice that in the picture this is an American truck smashing European cars.

As a safety bulletin if you take your kids to one of these bring a dust mask at least. If you don't they're going to get brain damage. That place was pretty toxic. Other than that seeing BIGFOOT is good wholesome family fun. IT"S CAR SMASHING TIME!!!!!

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