Tuesday, January 15, 2008

P.S. I Love You Movie Review

I wish somebody would have chopped this guys hands off before he died. I simply couldn't get past the cheesy premise of this movie. I wish the brain tumor made him too retarded to write, or he would have had his hands chopped off instead. I mean look at the picture Hillary Swank looks dumb not heartbroken.

I don't even know who crapped out this movie. I am an Irish guy let me sing like a leprechaun and really love my wife. Oh crap I'm dying let me write her some letters, so she can be guided. It'll really inspire her and everyone. Life is grand go out and live.

Oh crap, P.S I love you. Go to Ireland, sing in a bar and do a lot of crap that isn't relevant to getting over me. I just want to send you constant reminders and make your life a living hell. Finally, you'll put a gun to your head blow out the brain tumor that is this movie and join me in heaven. Wait I'll have to transfer to hell then we will really be happy. I here it is hot down there all year round I'll sing an Irish Jig about this.

Well to some up, I don't think this movie is really worth seeing. Sorry, about writing as if I were the Irish guy with no warning. Somebody go give that widow the bone.

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