Sunday, January 13, 2008

First Sunday Movie Reviews

Well the bad news is the marketing for this was to play off of Friday. That being the case most moviegoers are not going to like this movie. Not every actor in this was funny. There were the serious characters and the funny ones.

The whole premise of the church being robbed and the related jokes were pretty funny. There were moments of seriousness and the story was a bit preachy. There are not a lot of good comedies out there so I suggest this movie. I've also seen the Bucket List and that was funny and had a better storyline. It's not slapstick though, and sometimes that is what you want in a movie. Even I admit I like to leave my thoughts at home a times.

That is what kind of crappy about First Sunday it was slap stick but it did bring up a lot of issues I don't want to think about at this type of flick. The lead actor was always like, "I am a black man trying to do the best for my son." Well the good news is that the lesson learned was pretty accurate. Well I'd hit up Bucket List over this one. Unless you just want to bake.

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