Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Bucket List Movie Review

I was prepared to write this movie review before I ever saw the film. I was thinking something like two great actors join up to make one giant piece of crap. Do you know what I was wrong. The strange thing is that this movie was still exactly what I thought it would be.

It is about a few old guys from different walks of life that each have their own values and priorities. They are place in a common dilemna and unite to experience their last moments of life. That is the movie in a nut shell. What makes the Bucket List good is the few minor twists and turns, and that they stayed with the format.

Try not to ruin the movie by catching on to the twist but see if you can figure it out. I highly recommend this movie Jack Nicholas won't be around forever. He looked suprisingly unhealthy in this movie. These two may have gotten together and made a real bucket list. Shoot, they could be scaling a mountain as we speak.

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