Saturday, February 16, 2008

Descent Movie Review

The feminist out there have got to love this one, and that is not to say that this movie isn't good. I liked it, it was pretty scary. The movie was kind of took an older style that made it even better. The way the gore begins is very reminiscent of the seventies. The movie just had a classic sort of feel with respect to the filming. At first I thought I was watching some movie from the eighties.

This movie is about a group of female adventurer who find themselves spelunking in the wrong cave. There is something funky down there that wants to tear them apart. They are one group of vicious chicks who fight back a bit, they still do some pretty sissy things. They manage to tone down the sexiness of these women as well. I am not sure why the director wanted to go that route. I kept thinking there would be some hot lesbian scenes but there weren't. I tell you that because it is better that you do not get your hopes up. That is if you are a guy or a lesbian. You see I'm not sexist I know and acknowledge that some women are attracted to women. Lets get it on.

Anyway. The ending kind of stinks, I wasn't a fan of the end. It is not a surprise ending but I am surprised it ended the way it did. The other problem is that the enemy is not that formidable. If you had half a brain and didn't freak out it would be easy to whoop them cross eyed. All in all this movie is pretty fun and I am sure you can rent it still. If not buy it on DVD, I wouldn't mind having this one in my collection. I also, think I will post my DVD collection on-line and let you know if it was worth buying. I have bought a lot of crap DVDs, impulse shopping sucks but feel free to do it through any of my links. I know I'm a hypocrite.

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