Monday, January 21, 2008

Cloverfield Movie Review

I was even warned not to go see this movie. My brother said when he went to see it everyone clapped at the end. Unfortunately, he didn't leave this part out. When I left everyone was talking about how much the movie sucked. I didn't actually think the movie was that bad. I can definitely see everyone's point.

This movie just ran. It was suppposed to be like a home video, and it was amazing that the crappy camera cut in scenes that it was supposed to be taping over, but had such high definition as far as the picture goes.

The real problem is that every question a movie goer would like to get an answer, ther isn't one. There is no real story behind the events. You leave thinking there should have been something more. I'd also, like to know why New York City is always getting a beating in movies. Film makers must really hate New York.

Another problem is that the jobs the characters supposedly possesed were kind of unreasonable. Well my advice on this one is skip it unless you are a really really big Blair Witch Project Fan.

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