Saturday, January 26, 2008

Australia Day Review

Well, today I went to Outback for Australia Day. All the Australians were really nice. It did kind of stink that there were 50/50 on American to Australians. It was suprising to find out that every one of them had a great job. The one guy was a locksmith, that is ironic seeing as Australia started of as a nation of convicts.

Well the reason behind Australia Day is today is the day Australia became an independent colony this day in 1901. Seems to be contradictory but their independent and somehow they still tie themselves back to the United Kingdom. It would be really interesting to find out more about how that works? They brought some Australian snack like fairy bread and some other items.

Unfortunatly, I was an arse, and talked a bit much about politics. I couldn't help it, I find politics very interesting. It is strange that we have the freedom of speech but we censor ourselves by making it a taboo subject. Anyway, I really wish more people had been there so I didn't have to torture the Daniel who sat next to me with my Reaganomics.

Australian are really interesting but at the same time it is like they are speaking a totally differenct language. Hopefully, I get to check Austalia out someday. The people seem interesting and passionate. I can sympathize with them because I know what it is like to miss home. I hope they find the success they desire here and if they wish I hope they get to retire in the place they love so much. Go Australia.

I do gather that Australians are not real big into holidays. The ones that are typically like them as an excuse to get drunk. Although, all the Aussies at outback stayed sober. Oh yeah, they were drinking Fosters. I'll have to try one.

P.S I would really appreciate comments on Australia Day by some Australian. I really would like to learn more about the holiday.

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