Sunday, November 4, 2007

Why Google Why?

I claim to give opinions on everything except for the F*shion word and what does Google do? They post videos at the bottom of my page and one of them is a gay guy talking about fashion with his cussing female friend. Why? These idiots just talk about jeans for ten minutes. To top it all off they put down my favorite type of jeans "Carpenter". There is a reason I avoid the topic and let my girlfriend pick out my clothes. Please do not post on this topic, and definitely don't use the F*shion word.

I am obligated to inform my readers that you should skip the bug eyed girls video, she is in desperate need of Ritalin and just acts strangely. There is also a video with a skinny kid in jean shorts, sports jacket, dress shirt and tie who has an annoying video that should be skipped. Why do these people have to annoy my site. The two guys acting like hill billies are hilarious though.

My conclusion is that Google is trying to destroy me. CHECKMATE ON ME!!!

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