Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am really fat. I just lost 15 lbs though, I got upto 240 lbs. I am 6'3" so it is not quite that bad but DAMN!!! That is big. I just weighed in at 225. Hooray for me. Here is my diet gameplan according to Harvey Eden's Fit For Life. I am so fat my girl calls me Pooh Bear and pats my belly. She also says nice pillow. I guess she thinks I have a pillow shoved up my shirt. How humiliating.

Now for some Modern day Hamlet.

Fat or fat free that is the question. Whether tis nobler in the belly to take the pains and grumbles of a hungry stomach or to take fork and knife against a buffet of delicious foods and cake. And by eating them. To fatten; to hunger. The stomach-ache and teh natural groans. That flesh is to fee to its consumption. Devoutly to be served. To fatten: To hunger. To eat: perchance to feed: Ahh, there's the BBQ. For that recipe contains tryglicerides lies what food may come. When we shuffle off this spare tire. We must five prayer, the Lord respect. Fat makes calamity of so diseased heart. For who would bear the weight of creamed corn all the time. The chef's wrong, the round belly protrudes. The pangs of desired foods and warm sweets. The insolence of gyms and tormenting excercise. The dieticians merit of unworthy diets. When he himself might his diet break. With a pork grind? or have bearclaws. To grunt and sweat under back breaking crunches, but that dread of some other exercise. From the undiscover kitchen from whose food no fat man resists, puzzled the scale, and makes us rather fat, rolls we hold. Than double chins that we know not of. Thus hunger does make obesity of us all. And thus grease a stew of discontent. It slicked over our fries cast to the pits of fast food. With this regard our stomachs turn awry, and lose teh self control of veggies. Eat you now! The fair diet? Relief, in thy weight. Be all my sins remembered.

END GAME. Losing the weight is my answer.

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