Sunday, October 28, 2007

Movie Review - Into the Wild

I'm glad the little turd dies in the end. This movie sucked. I'm thinking about writing the directors to request my money back and fifty dollars for the time they wasted. I still can't figure out how this flick was supposed to be inspiring. There once was a bum who decided not to go to law school disappeared completely leaving his parent to worry incessantly. He ran away because his parents fought a lot and he was a big cry baby about growing up. He basically traveled across America got his but kicked a few times, in real life nailed the sixteen year old (should have gone to jail) and ran away from every emotions started to form. Then he went to Alaska and died of starvation. The only satisfying moment in the movie was when he died. Although, I do wish the bear had eaten him, it would have been more painful and I would have got out of there sooner.

Scenes to avoid:
1) Lead character floats down the river naked displaying his penis.
2)Bear doesn't eat him.
3) Moral badgering that doesn't fit reality.
4) Old couple having sex.
5) Every scene where he pretends to Micheal Jackson with the wind blowing across him as he stand with his arms and legs spread while the camera spans around him in some scenic view.
6)The remaining 2 hours of the film not listed above.

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