Friday, October 26, 2007

On the Field

Okay, so my title has little to do with the subject matter of this post, but I beleive a subtle battle is brewing in the coffee and bread shops across America. Typically, I avoid these places due to the plagued presence of unkempt liberals. As every guy knows the ole girlfriend will drag you into these places so they can feel connected.

Well now to the meat of this post the battle lying within the dilemma of figuring out why they scratch their heads and what affect that may have on my food. They could be scratching their head because the dread locks and dirt are causing their scalp to itch or they could be thinking about the verbal vomit contained in the books they are reading. So, if I decide to help them, what approach should I use? I either need to direct them towards a shower or bash my head against the wall of their self inflicted brain washing they have commenced. Well a smart man knows most of these poor souls are beyond help.

Next one time I reaised my food to my mouth and noticed a disgusting result of the infamous head scratch. So, much dandruff/lice falls from their head these people literally look like human salt shakers. Then that is when I realize these people are working behind the counter. They have been seasoning my food the whole time they have been working. Fortunately these places usually have WiFi. Now when my girl get the itech to feel connected I just starve and work on my laptop.

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