Monday, October 29, 2007


After Saw III I though this thing was going to be over but IV ramps it up again ad bring the intrigue of the original Saw back to the theatres.There is some bad news though. This movie starts off with a penis, and shows a rape. The good news is that justice is served. This is a good movie and I have not said anything that ruins it for anyone. Nothing here is heavily related to the main plot. I'll tell you though two movies, two day in a row, two penis shots. I've either got bad luck, Hollywood is starting a bad trend or I'm subconciously a fruit. This movie is very gory so watch bringing in the snacks.

Right now I a watching BBC World and this new show is driving me crazy. The strange thing is that it seems to be less liberal than our media. They are ripping Brazil in half right now as relate to having the FIFA Worldcup. No more reviews on this these British reporters sound like rats. By the way how in the world do British and Australian people claim the American accent sounds nasal. It's probably that we think that of them and they just want to piss us off b/c we are better than them. At least we got over the Queen.

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