Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Lately, I have been researching a new home purchase. I've been using in conjunction with I basically use Zillow to scout out a house in my price range and then reference the address information to be sure the neighborhood meets criteria specific to my socio-economic position. I've found that these Internet tools combined have been very useful and that I should pass the information on. I also, use (I have username and pw as this is my companies 401k provider) where I have access to a long list of financial calculators that help calculate everything from the future price of my retirement savings to what my mortgage payments will be given certain information/criteria. I am sure there are plenty of sites offering great financial calculators, I just like the convienence.

I would really appreciate some posts on experience with roommates specifically from those who have been the owners of the property. I would also like some tips on how to qualify and find get roommates.

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