Thursday, November 1, 2007

Why Are Fast Food Companies Ruining My Life

I know when I order fast food I am opening myself up to a mile long list of health risks, ut this is not my gripe. y problem is with their legacy to fame being fast affordable and efficient. For the most part fast food joints do a great job on delivering these expectations. Ther is one spot that they not only drop the ball but accidentally kick it twenty feet away.

The deficiency in the fast food industry is related to their apportionment of condients in packets. If you are a one packet kind guy or gal this may not apply to you but if you go with ten packets like me then you have the same problem. I cannot figure out why they want me to open ten packets and empty them. Maybe they just don't think my time is important. Maybe they get a kick out of watching consuers struggle to open the occasional packet forged from steel and want to increase the chance they see some one finally rip it open only to get covered in the contents. I don't know what it is but whatever their reason it is wrong.

Why can't they have a packet the size of their salad dressings. There wouldn't be so many full packets thrown out and they would most likely save on packaging. There is also less error involved in placing one packet in a bag over ten (aka dropped packets that have to be picked up and if they are left on the floor in haste become potential safety hazards.

In terms of the benefit I recieve it takes about ten seconds to open a packet of salad dressig and empty its contents. It takes about one minute fifteen seconds to open ten packets due to the fact the small packets are not perforated and are harder to open. Then another ten seconds must be added to the average estimated time as I have to ask for more catsup and get up to go get more when I run out. Prior to going on a diet I ate a conservative 200 meals a year at fast food establishments. Given these conservative number fast food could donate just over four more hours a year to my life as long as I continue eating at them, and I could use the time.


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