Friday, August 26, 2011

Oishi Sushi Chesterfield Valley

Alright, this is some place I frequent. I have been to both locations, the other one is in Creve Coeur. I personally prefer the one in Chesterfield Valley, which also has Hibachi. I've only been to the sushi side though. Now there are two dishes I really like. The first is the Tempura Udon bowl. This dish is a soup with udon noodles, crab, scallions, mushrooms and the broth is crazy good. The second is the tempura fried ice cream. The title does the dish justice. I get all giddy like a girl just thinking about it, damn good.

I typically, get the lunch sushi deal as well. I recommend the Futomaki roll and to be honest I mix it up a bit when it comes to ordering Sushi. All the rolls are good as well as the sushi a la carte.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is contemporary asian in a very relaxing way. The bathrooms are clean, and there is a little foyer leading into them that actually smells good.

The prices are reasonable especially for lunch. Additionally some options on drinks and food are also available as the people who own the restaurant are Thai. Well this place is a routine for me and I welcome anyone to make dining here a routine of their own.

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