Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mediterranean Grill Review, Chesterfield, MO

Alright, I have a very mixed review. The food is good. Atmosphere is horrible. Beer selection needs a lot of help.

Our appetizers were Moroccan Cigars and the Dips n' Spread Sampler Plate. There was not impressed by the Moroccan Cigars. they tasted like fried Mexican food from Casa Gallardo. They weren't as bad, but I have to admit I was talking to a friend and he thought they were great. The Dips n' Spread Sampler Plate is a must. I didn't care for the carrots but every other spread was awesome. The pita bread was soft and a little sweet. The dips and spreads had very clean simple flavors.

For our entrees we ordered the Moroccan Peas & Meatballs and the Lamb with Apricot and Prunes. The Moroccan Meatballs left a little to be desired. If I hadn't been told these were Moroccan Meatballs I would not have known. Just about anybody will like them. I would consider this a safe dish for the picky eater. I had potatos as my side and they came with a wonderful surprise. Onions softened in chicken broth. I loved them, they were mildly sweet and salty. The softness of the onions hits the taste buds just right. A warning is that visually I couldn't tell them apart from the potato, my first bit was confusing but I knew I liked them right away.

The Lamb was splendid. I was really worried that the sweetness of the fruit would over power the dish. Again, I was delighted by the mildly sweet touch. The fruits are mushy, which can be a turn off to some eaters. Also, there are tendons in the dish. Most people will discard this part of the dish. Don't, it is the best part. Get used to odd textures, you'll often find that is where the best flavors reside.

I have it on the same friend that the Gyros are not to be desired, that is partially due to the fact we lunch at the Gyro House on Delmar. Additionally, if Taziki comes with what you ordered have something around to mop it up, maybe with some of the pita bread from your appetizer.

For dessert, we shared the Creme Bavaria. It was really good even if it was pre-made and strayed from the traditional dessert. It is served in a martini glass. It is a layer of chocolate followed by creme and bottomed out with caramel. I would change the desert by offering more layers, adding brandy and firing the top.

Now on to the atmosphere. The place is a cross between fine dining and a picnic. There is very limited space in the restaurant. They don't have a foyer or hostess stand. A table sits right next to the front door, and I got that table. Lucky me, this would have been annoying if they were busy. They also have the soda bar right near the entrance, some of this stuff needs to be moved to the back to make way for a space to greet customers. The tables appear to be setup very nicely. Black table clothes, candle lighting diverts to silverware wrapped in napkins and plastic chairs.

Finally, the beers are all very similar, Hoegaarden Blanc, Stella Artois, Bud Light, Bud Select and Budweiser. Really, get some New Castle that would really complement the food. The International Tap House is right down the street, go get some suggestions.

The price for entrees range from 14 - 20 bucks. There are cheaper sandwiches and the like. from about 7 - 10 bucks. I'd say that the overall value is very pricey. The portions are a bit small and the atmosphere literally almost kept me away before I even went in the joint. All in all I would go back. I think it is interesting place and there is a lot to be said for being interesting.

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