Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What is up With Wyoming

I have said in a previous post that I like the Google Maps feature when using Google Analytics. Well I have had visitors from all of the world. From third world countries and some countries I haven't even heard of before. You would think that I would have a visitor from every state, and in fact in most states I have over 50 visitors. Well I have at least three visitors in every state with the exception of one. Wyoming. What is up with that?
I am not going to rag on Wyoming but what the heck is there. I can't even name a city in Wyoming. Oh wait, Cheyenne Wyoming is the capital I think. Well, at least I am smarter than I had thought. Just so people in Wyoming don't hate me. My Grandfather visits a dude ranch there and is supporting the economy. He has said the countryside there is absolutely beautiful. I am pretty sure he goes every year.

Wyoming get it together start going to more movies and definitely start visiting my site. Will see if I get a visitor tomorrow. Maybe, I'll write an article about Wyoming.

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