Saturday, March 8, 2014

Non Stop Movie Review

To enjoy this movie you'll have to put your brain on the back burner.  It was very predictable although I wasn't right about everything.  The pickings in the theater are pretty slim right now but I would still skip this movie.

It does keep up a pretty fast pace and has a few plot twists. The key to enjoying this movie is to actually not try to think it through.  Just sit back and relax if you do chose to see this flick.  There are some Speed moments as well and by that a mean some scenes are complete bullshit.  For instance a character in the movie gets wrecked against cockpit twice and continues to resume his task like it never happened.  The experience didn't even shake off his glasses.

The worst part of me was when everything unravels the reasoning behind the plot.  The best part of the movie was one of the characters reaction to the little speech that results.  I was hilarious.


Alright at the end of the movie the hijackers are two soldiers that are upset with the fact that America really hasn't changed since the war and 911.  So they are bring to light that America really isn't safe by framing the Air Marshall.  The white hijacker state he never planned to escape the flight and the black hijacker reacts like what you talking 'bout fool.  The scene wasn't meant to be fun so I ended up being the only one in the movie theater who cracked up.  The social stereotypes were so evident in the movie I found the situation funny.

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