Sunday, February 23, 2014

Cafe Kebab Ellisville Missouri Review

The food is really good.  A lot of Mediterranean joints start at well but the food quality diminishes rapidly.  I will definitely be going back.   They had a few things on their menu I haven't had, that I want to try.  I am not very familiar with Bosnian food and it seems like that is where the owners are from.  They were busy when I went and the where running out of things.  We had a twenty - thirty minute wait time for our food

I wasn't impressed with the Gyro Platter but the mixed grill was great.  I wish I would have asked for more taziki when I ordered.  I also got the an appetizer called the 4 Way Combo (I think).  It was really good.   I am not a real big fan of Babaganoush but I really enjoyed the dip.  They did have a Philly sandwich on the menu so no need to be sacred if you have picky eaters with you.

The atmosphere is pretty nice.  A piece of advice for them would be to replace their menu with a chalk board.  It seems like they are still ironing things out in that department so you'll see paper covering some things and other thing crossed out.  It looks shabby.  It would be better to put up something that is meant to be changed.  Well I hope you make it out to Cafe Kebab and share you experience in the comment section.

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