Sunday, February 9, 2014

Walking Dead: After

Alright, Walking Dead is back.  I might just get rid of my TV after this series it is so good.  Between Walking Dead and Breaking Bad AMC has really ruined other TV experiences.  

I am not going to lie, this episode wasn't the most exciting.  I do think it was a meaningful episode.  It really displayed the human element of the apocalypse and Carl's has been brewing as a character for a long time.  I think he becomes a main character after this episode.  Prior to this I think Carl has been more of a background character and I know there are people that would disagree with that statement.  In this episode Carl comes to terms with his weaknesses and gets a better understanding of his father.  Then Rick tells him he is a man as the episode closes. 

I also think a scene that is easy to overlook it very powerful.  Rachone crosses the road twice.  The first time she is heading away from tracks leading to her group then she heads back crossing the road to go find them.  Even though a lot of things have been left unanswered and might not been action packed this was a very powerful episode.

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