Sunday, February 9, 2014

Restaurant Review: Sushi AI Saint Charles Missouri

My brother invited me here touting the $20 dollar all you can eat Sushi and to be honest I was very skeptical.  When I got the menu I notice that you could opt for all you can eat or select from a fancier selection of rolls and pay by the roll.  I was further surprised to see that they did have a solid selection of nigiri, rolls and appetizers available to the all you can eat diner.

I selected the all you can eat option and the only thing I will say is that the nigiri seemed slightly smaller than usual.  Everything else matched up to what I am accustom.   I was honestly not disappointed by anything I ordered.  While I was there they had this great two for one beer deal as well.  That being said I think I ate a little more than usual but I don't think all you can eat offers great savings for the average customer.  It does allow customers to venture outside of the box.

They are pretty serious about the eat everything you order deal but either go with someone who will eat just about anything or politely inform the staff you are having trouble eating the roll/nigiri.  From my experience they are pretty understanding.   To be polite I would limit yourself to one tester per visit.  Once, you find something you don't like stop experimenting.

Overall, Sushi AI is a good experience.  The atmosphere is a little dark and the reception area is a bit strange but the restaurant does have a trendy feel.  As far as the food goes freshness is not an issue and everything I had I enjoyed.  The one recommendation I have is don't eat until you are "sushi full".  It really sucks.  Fortunately, I learned that prior to my first all you can eat sushi experience.

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