Thursday, July 11, 2013

Wall-E Movie Review

What a disappointment. Now I have to listen to all the liberals talk about how liberating it is that Disney can make fun of themselves. This movie is siply an attack on consumerism. It basically asserts that people will blindly follow consumerism until they become fat slobs that are merely cattle who exist to drive free markets.

This movie is the story of a trash robot left on earth to clean it up. It finds a plant and gives it to a drone sent to discover life on earth. All in hopes of returning to earth some day and repopulate the planet. This move is all about liberal agenda and assumes taht man lacks the ability to think.

I have news for Obama supporters. We are not robots nor will we be slaves. The morality of man lies in his principle purpose to use reason. We are the only known life with the ability to reason. By this ability we have both the ability to perpetuate ourselves into something more and comes with that the misguidance of self destruction. The only mean by which man suceeds is to follow his self interest. It is abudantly obvious that we must take care of the earth because it is in our self interest. It is in my interest to protect the planet, but to do so honestly.

I will perpetuate the myths of global warming. I have become a vegeterian because it is economically beneficial. It takes less time and creates less waste. My body reaps the benefits and it is my body that I most emensely enjoy. My body is that which give me access to all pleasures, even those of the mind.

I am going to stop rambling, don't go see Wall E.

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