Friday, July 26, 2013

Are Movies Better Now or Then?

I have been thinking about classic films verse some of the modern films and asked the question in what areas are films improving.  I cam up with two genre's where I see improvement.  Comedy and childrens movies. 

I don't think it is hard to make the argument that kids movies have gotten better.  All I have to do is point to Shrek.  This movie brought suttle adult humour and made these movies enjoyable for all ages.  I have seen some kids movies that go overboard or aren't all that funny.  Example Shrek 3 all though the ginger bread man crapping the gum drop is one of my favourite scenes of all time. 

I am going to make my case for comedies by pointing out that it is the nature of comedy to continously push boundaries.  I also think that romantic comedies have improved by breaking from the traditinoal mold.  They aren't always the two people forced to be together for some wierd set of circumstances that ends up leading them to their realization of love.  I think the reality of these comedies like getting a girl knocked up have made these movies better.  Then was the first Hangover movie.  This movie stepped right up to the edge with out going off the cliff; unlike Hangover 2.

As far as action movies, dramas, horror etc. etc. these movies haven't been able to keep up.  Now I am going on overall quality because the Saw series was freaking awesome as far as  horror goes.  The reason Saw was good is because it had a mental aspect and the focus classics maintained.  That is the problem with all other genres have.  They don't generally bring focus to the story and when they do they are too slow.   The are of that balance between good story telling and keeping things interesting has been lost.

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