Saturday, July 30, 2011

Carl's Drive Inn in Brentwood

The hamburger explosion is the newest fad in the food industry. We are seeing "Five Guys Burgers and Fries", "Smash Burgers", "Chi Burger Chi Burger" and hoards of other hamburger joints sprout up all over the place. All of these places have one thing in common. They are trying to emulate a past time, but these places will never be authentic enough to capture the nostalgia of a time past. There is a jewel from time past called Carl's Drive Inn and guess what? It is a quick shot down from the Galleria to Manchester Rd. Taking a step in time to enjoy one of the best burgers in America does have some cost. You'll have to pay with cash, but they have an ATM so it's not too bad.

The style of the restaurant is most similar to a horseshoe bar with out the "U'. You can't walk from one side to the other. There are about ten seats on each side so watch the rush hour, because Carl's is popular. The decor has a truth to it that can't be duplicated. When your there you can tell it's from the fifties without a bunch of fake memorabilia attaching from every angle. A lot of the appeal comes from modern magazine articles touting the dining experience at Carl's. They modestly whisper were good, were not going anywhere and we know it. This place is the epitome of a good burger and the American attitude.

To drink you'll most likely have to get a root beer. There is a barrel atop the counter containing IBC, which screams "You can't resist by syrupy goodness". It's evil, because I drink enough to get sick every time. I hope I will learn my lesson one day, but it's not looking good. I am going back this Sunday with my grandmother.

When I went one day and ordered a single because I was going to sushi a little later, they compared their burger to Steak and Shake. Their burgers taste a lot better but they are flat. It is more like their way of saying order more than a single. The cost for a typical meal will set you back about $6 not including tip.

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