Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Grand Hall at Union Station - Restaurant Review

The Grand Hall at Union Station has been renovated and now serves small plates in addition to drinks.  I feel like I ordered everything on the menu.  Other features of the Grand Hall now include a 3D light show.  The light shows occur every hour on the hour.  The two I saw lasted about ten minutes.  Once was abstract and the other was a lot like a TV show on the history channel.   I liked them both.  I am pretty sure the hours for the Grand Hall are from 4 - 11.

The atmosphere was great and so was the food.  I liked all the drinks I ordered.  The drinks are given names related to railroads and are based on some of the first popular cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Negrani.  This Grand Hall is great for a romantic night out or a few sophisticated cocktails after a game.   Despite being upscale The Grand Hall is very laid back and welcoming.

Please please check this place out.  My wallet can only afford this once every couple of months.  It's not extremely pricey I just over indulge.

Cocktails are between 8 and 10 dollars.  Small plates range from eight to sixteen dollars and aren't very small.   The heirloom tomatoes, stacked seafood salad, oysters rockefeller and cheese & charcuterie board are all excellent.  The hummus sampler and margherita pizza are very good and the short rib toasted ravioli were good.  I highly recommend checking out the grand hall there is still a lot for me to try and the manager let us know they will be bringing in an improved menu.

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