Sunday, August 3, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review

This was a good movie.  I expected it to be really bad but I was pleasantly surprised.  When I saw the previews I thought the characters were pretty cheesy.  The genius of the film is that they made sure the characters weren't overbearing.  The character flaws/quirks were kept life size, which played out really well.

Grut was my favorite character by far.  The writers were very creative with this character.  Grut was an amazing character and it is worth the price of admission just to see the things the came up with for this character.  I will say he was by far the best character.  The rest of the characters played very traditional rolls.

The reason this movie is that the comedy wasn't forced.  The laughs seemed to flow naturally.  There was a lot of adult humor in the film as well.  In that way the film was similar to the first Shrek.  A lot for the kids but enough for the adults.  This was definitely a comedic space odyssey that was pulled of successfully.

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