Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction

I know I am supposed to write reviews about movies I have seen but in this case I am going to make an exception.   I hate Michael Bay because he is the destroyer of child hood memories.  I was so excited when I heard that this movie bombed over the 4th of July weekend.  Happy Birthday America, our gift, realizing Michael Bay is an asshole.

Then I read the horrible news.  The movie was save by the Chinese box offices.  Why?  Not only do we owe them our soul but they are using the interest to further destroy my precious child hood memories.  Please, China those sweet morsels I've retained from way back when are all I have left.  This is my campaign to stop Michael Bay.  Some one please translate this post to Chinese.  Let the Chinese know that my brain cannot comprehend the crappy rendition of American staples that Michael Bay calls art or artistic license.  My view on his work is that he poorly plagiarizes.

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