Sunday, October 20, 2013

Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2

I don't think anything in this episode was mind blowing.  The show still managed to fly by.  A lot of action and the two significant events are that the disease action plan goes into effect and everyone is not in agreement on the execution of the plan.  Apparently, someone thinks turning and burning is the way to go.

I think feeding the zombies is going to turn out to be a bigger deal than the episode let on.  It seems like the kids are the likely culprits but what are they doing sneaking out at night.  They live in a world where the zombie apocalypse is going on.  I think that probably makes it a little harder to sneak out at night.

It is strange that it is someone in the prison but who would still be loyal to The Governor.  I think that is the trick and I am going with the Medic Bob for now.   I guess will find out or if he starts to get face some internal struggle like he had in escaping the booze in the first episode of season four.

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