Saturday, June 15, 2013

Movie Review - The Internship by Vince Vaughn

The brief, go see this movie it is funny.

This movie is exactly what is expected.  There are witty jokes and it is kept simple.  The movie finds humour by comparing generation X (my generation barely) to generation Z.  The movies general message is to live in the moment, get your head up from you smartphone and take the time to appreciate what is surrounding you, don't miss out on life.

I didn't have high expectations but I came out of the theatre in a good mood.  I rehashed some of the jokes with friends and found the overall experience enjoyable.  It is a movie I would sit through again once it hits cable.  Let's face it a movie really has to kick some you know what to go see in the movies twice because tickets have gotten really expensive. 

On that not the theatre I go to now serves food and alchol and it is barely more pricey than going out to eat.  A lot of theatres are heightening the movie going experience and I really like the new strategic direction.  Mostly the reclining chairs aspect.

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