Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Return to Fuddruckers, St. Louis

I haven't been to Fuddruckers is about twenty years and I had never been to the one in St. Louis (Sunset Hills).  Overall this is going to be a good review but I have to say when I walked in I was almost tempted to turn around and walk back out.  The atmosphere and setup of this place could use a lot of work to say the least. That being said I was impressed with the food.  The wife and I both got the Kobe burger combo.

The burger was very good but not Kobe quality.  I got mine with blue cheese, which overwhelmed the flavor of the burger meat but that is my fault.  I had the presence of mine to cut out a bit of the cheese to get a better taste of the beef and it was pretty good.  The bun was perfect.  It was light and you didn't get filled up by bread.  The fries were not stead style but pretty similar and they had a great seasoning.  The thing that was most impressive was the condiment bar.  Everything was perfectly fresh, I am not sure how it was kept that way with all of the kids running around but even the tomatoes were perfect and that is a rarity at condiment bars.

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.  If Fuddruckers wants to take that experience to the next level they'll need to give that interior an overhaul.  I wouldn't recommend you to take a first date here but for an established relationship this place kind of hits the spot in a weird way.

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