Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Dark Night Rises Politics or Marketing

Let me start by putting all my cards on the tables.  My political beliefs are most similar to Libertarians but I vote Republican.  I also, absolutely hate Democrats, that being said I hat republicans slightly less..  I describe myself as an Objectivist (Randian).

The issues I aim to address is Nolan's use of Bane and the similarities Bane's group has with the Occupy movement.  Now Nolan has been very slippery regarding these issues and because he has provided great answers he has earned a pass.  I draw to questions, does he deserve a pass and did he take sides politically?  The answer to both of these questions is, no.  Nolan definitely planned his movie in away that the political comparisons would be made and he intentionally muddled the opposing sides so he could deny they were there.  Both sides of the real world politics were implemented in the movie in order that they felt equally evil and that way Nolan wasn't actually making a political statement one way or the other.  

Then why did he incorporate comparisons to current politics?  Obviously, the answer to this is ingenious marketing.  Unfortunately, a jackass in Colorado took an action that overshadowed Nolan's plan.  To summarize my thoughts are that the political correlations were definitely intended but not in a way that was meant to make a political statement.  Instead it was done for cheap marketing.

With all that said, I still didn't like the movie, but I do admire some of Nolan's trickery.

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